An educator reads a book to children
An educator reads a book to children

Obtain a diploma in Early Childhood Education and prepare yourself for an enriching career!

Offered entirely online, this program provides solid instruction in early childhood education. In accordance with government requirements, this program combines theoretical and practical learning.

Program courses reflect the concepts of diversity and inclusion in both their content and in their pedagogical approach.

This program meets the requirements of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in accordance with the Day Care Act and Regulations, Classification for Child Care Staff.

Career opportunities

This program will prepare you to work in a pre-school setting (daycare or pre-school centre) as well as in the school system (Grandir en français program, after-school program).

Early Childhood Education

At a glance

Not offered to international students with a study permit.
Diploma Early Childhood Education
Length 2 years
Arrival September to January
Training Online

Deadline to submit an application

  • Arrival in September 2024 :
    July 31, 2024
Tammy, graduate, Early Childhood Education

is an Early childhood educator

"This program helped me understand the stages of growth and how to work with children of different ages. In addition, it helped me to know how best to interact with children and show them that they are in a safe environment."

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