A teaching assistant with a group of students
A teaching assistant with a group of students

Obtain a college diploma and enter the job market after just one year of study!

Teaching assistants provide support to students who are identified, by the program planning process, as needing additional support in the educational environment. This may include needs of a medical or behavioural nature, or in regards to personal hygiene or safety. This program provides basic training to enable learners to develop the essential skills required to provide adequate support to these students.

Career opportunities

In recent years, Nova Scotia school boards, including the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, have increased the number of teaching assistants in schools. Graduates of this program will be able to obtain employment in public and private schools, at both the elementary and secondary levels, as well as in schools for students with learning or physical disabilities, and treatment centers. Graduates of this program are also able to work in the community services sector to provide assistance to children and adults at work, at recreation centres, and in community homes.

Teaching assistant

At a glance

Not offered to international students with a study permit.
Certificate Teaching Assistant
Length 1 year
Arrival September to January
Training Online

Deadline to submit an application

  • Arrival in September 2024 :
    July 31, 2024